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List of works


Sonatina               Piano 1970

First Performance by

Althea Waites, Norfolk

Chamber; Jan. 24, 1971

Norfolk, VA


To a Condemned Neighborhood Piano 1999

(Reworked from original)


Rhapsody for B flat Clarinet and Piano 1999

(Reworked from original, created

in 1970)


Largo B flat Clarinet (unaccompanied) 1999


In the Shadow of Your Wings Flute 1999

(I will take refuge)

(Reworked from original by

Babylon’s Stream composed in



Crucifixtion C Trumpet 1999

(Original title was



Andante and Scherzo Trombone 1999


Jubilee Horn in F and piano 1999


Two Chorales Preludes for Organ 2001

  1. You May Bury Me in de East

  2. Kum Ba Ya


Lament B flat Trumpet and Piano 2002


Blue Serenade B flat Clarinet and Piano 2006




“Testimony” SATB, Baritone 1986

(A Prayer Service)

First Performance: Charles

Lloyd Vocal Arts Ensemble

Debut Concert: Detroit, MI


“King of Kings” SATB. Sop. & Mezzo Sop. and Piano 1986

By Commission for the Clarence Smith Community Chorus

Debuted Dec. 7, 1986 Third Baptist Church Toledo, Ohio

Revised 1995; SATB,Sop. Mezzo Sop. Tenor and Orchestra



“Ruth” (to be reworked) Performed by Norfolk State Opera Workshop

Gloria Amos, Director 1970

Ruth (A Gospel Singer) Soprano

Gabriel (Her husband) Tenor

Naomi (Her Mother) Mezzo Soprano

The Minister Baritone


“Song of Solomon” Opera in one act (libretto by Calvin Seerveld) 1988 Solomon Bass baritone

Schulamite Girl Soprano

Her Lover Tenor

Head Harem Women Mezzo Soprano

Her Brother Baritone

Women’s Chorus

Debuted in Rackham Auditorium; September 25, 1988 at 4:00p.m. with Willis Patterson, Bass, Jacqueline Paige-Green, Soprano Ray Wade, Tenor and Claritha Buggs. Mezzo-soprano. Concert version performed at Southern University; March 6, 1998 featuring Jacqueline Paige-Green, Soprano, Leon P. Turner, Bass-baritone, Claritha Buggs, Mezzo soprano, Frank Porretta, Tenor and the women’s voices from the Clarence Smith Heritage Choir.


“Emmett Till” Opera in Two Acts (libretto by Charles Lloyd, Jr.)     2008

Commissioned by the Trilogy Opera Company; Debuted August 2, 2008 Science Theatre, Science Park High School, Newark, New Jersey

Emmett Till (“Bobo”) Robert Mack, Tenor

Mamie Till-Mobley, mother Diana Solomon-Glover. Soprano

Alma Carthan, Mamie’s mother Alteouise de Vaughn, Mezzo-soprano

Willie Mae Jones Lori Brown Mirabal

Mose Wright, Great Uncle Raemond Martin, Baritone

Mary Lee Shelia Harris Jackson, Soprano

Uncle Crosby Taiwan Norris, Tenor

A.A. Rayner, Funeral Director Kevin Maynor, Bass

Jet Reporter Richard Hobson, Baritone

Gene Mobley Ivan Thomas, (Actor’s role)

Gregg Payne, Conductor

Tre Garrett, Director

Longar Ensemble Orchestra



Published Alfred Music July 2000; includes two CD’s featuring Jacqueline Paige Green, Soprano, Richard Hobson, Baritone and Charles Lloyd, Jr. Piano


Ain’t A Dat Good News

City Called Heaven (optional flute obligato)

Dere’s A Man Goin’ ‘Round Takin’ Names

Do Don’t Touch-A My Garment

Ev’ry Time I Feel De Spirit

Give Me Yo’ Hand


Hush! Somebody’s Callin’ My Name

I Want Jesus To Walk With Me

Let Us Break Bread Together

Listen To The Angels

Lord, I Can’t Turn Back

OL’ Time Religion

Rise, Shine, Give God The Glory

Were You There?



Amazing Grace (First version in high key); First performed by Gregory Hopkins, tenor; May 31, 1986, Detroit, Michigan

Amazing Grace (Second version in low key) Commissioned by Dr. Oral Moses in 2006

Give Me Jesus

I’ Been “Buked

I’m Troubled

I’m A Travlin’ To The Grave

Jesus Did It For Me (Rev. Lydia Starks)

Po’ Mo’ner Got A Home At Las’

Soon-a Will Be Done

There is A Balm (acappella) First performed by Jacqueline Paige-Green Tchaikovsky Voice Competition, Moscow Russia 1976

There Was A Man 

They Led My Lord Away

This Little Light of Mine (with opt. sop. sax or clarinet)

Death is Gwinter Lay His Cold Icy Hands on Me

You May Bury Me in De East

In Dat Great Gitten Up Mornin’ 2010

Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel 2011

Deep River (from “Spirit Song”) 2011

Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child (from”Spirit Song) 2011



Compensation (Published in the “Anthology of Art Songs by Black American Composers)

I Judge Not My Own self (Revised in 1996) 1972

(First performance by Horace Fisher, baritone, Center Theater; 3/19/72)

Emmett Till (J. Emanuel) Transformed into aria in opera Emmett Till 1978

Thought (from Great Day in the Morning, Jessye Norman, soprano) 1982

I Will Live With A Song In My Heart (A Serenade) 1999


Three Sacred Songs 1981

  1. Prayer (Roger De’Vigne)

  2. Angels (Gertrude H. McGiffert)

  3. Beggar of Counstances Cathedral (Gertrude H. McGiffert)

Cantata (Psalm 30) for soprano 1975

Ballad of the Black Mother (for bass voice, double bass or cello, and piano) 1978

Sun of Justice (Cantata for baritone, violin and piano) 1981

1. O Splendor Rising (Antiphon o oriens Liturgy of Dec. 21th)

2. Song of Deliverance

3. Testimony

4. Prayer and Alleluia

Lament of the Black Man (for baritone and piano) 1991

First performance by Leon P. Turner, bass baritone; Southern University

February 11, 1996

This Land, South Africa (for bass/baritone and piano) Text: Don Matera 1997

(Commissioned by Kevin Maynor, bass; first performance in Soweta, South Africa, July 22, 1998)

How Avidly We Waited on His Song (for Bass and piano) Text: Don Matera 1997

(Commissioned by Kevin Maynor, bass; first performance in Soweto, South Africa, July 22, 1998)

Witness (for Soprano, Baritone and Piano) 1998

(Commissioned by Richard Hobson; Debuted in Carnegie Hall April20, 1998)


Make a Joyful Noise SATB, Mezzo soprano, Brass & Tympani 1983

(First Performance: Inaugural Ceremony for President Raymond Burse, Kentucky State University)

Fairest Lord Jesus SATB, Bass solo and piano 1986

(First performance: Charles Lloyd Vocal Arts Ensemble; Pinkster Day Festival: Orchestra hall, Detroit, MI)

Trilogy SATB, Piano  (recorded Jessye Norman; Philips Records 1978

  1. Little David Play on Your Harp

  2. Ezekiel Saw the Wheel

  3. Great Day

O Holy Night SATB, Trumpet and Piano 1991

(First performance: Southern University Concert Choir Annual “Candlelight” Christmas Concert; December 1991 Baton Rouge, LA)

Fireside Medley (Christmas) SATB, Trumpet and Piano 1993

(First Performance: Southern University Concert Choir Annual “Candlelight” Christmas Concert; December 1993

Fairest Lord Jesus SATB, bass solo and piano 1989

Old Man River TTBB, Bass solo (acappella) 1983

(First Performance Baltimore School of the Arts)

Honor, Honor TTBB, baritone solo (acappella) revised 1989

I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say TTBB and piano revised 1989/2006

Soon-a Will Be Done TTBB, acappella revised 1989

Deep River TTBB, acappella revised 1989

I’m a Gonna Live Always SSAA/TTBB and piano 1987

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross TTBB, acappella 1983

Ode SATB and woodwinds 1970



Spirit Song (A Cantata for Soprano, Baritone, Chorus and Piano) 2011

Debuted Saturday, April 16, 2011

River Road Historical Society Concert commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the       1811 Slave Revolt program entitled Slave Songs & Spirituals; Mt. Zion Baptist Church, St. Rose, Louisiana. Performed by Jacqueline Paige-Green, soprano, Richard Hobson, baritone, Joao Paulo Casarotti piano and the Southern University Concert Choir.

Performed April 27, 2016 Southern University DeBose Recital Hall with Jacquelie Paige-Green, soprano, Richard Hobson, baritone, SU Concert Choir the Lousiana Chamber Orchestra and conducted by


Evensong (A Cantata for Narrator, SATB, Tenor solo and Piano)







All I Need SATB Baton Rouge, LA 1992

Anyhow SATB       Toledo, OH 1991

Deep River SATB       Toledo, OH 1991

Do Lawd, Oh Do Lawd SATB, Sop solo       Ann Arbor, MI 1976

Down By the Riverside SATB Toledo, OH 1991

Fix Me Jesus SATB, Mezzo solo Toledo, OH 1989

Freedom Train-a Comin’ SATB Toledo, OH 1989

Give Me Jesus SATB, Sop. solo Toledo, OH 1971

(Published KJOS Music)

God is a God SATB Toledo, OH 1991

Good News! The Chariot’s SATB, Sop. solo Toledo, OH 1991


Go Tell It on the Mountain SATB Frankfort, KY 1984

He’s Got the Whole World SATB Baltimore, MD 1982

in His Hands (from “Great Day in the Morning”)

I Stood On The River of SATB Baton Rouge, LA 2009


I’ve Got a Robe SATB Baltimore, MD 1982

(“Great Day in the Morning”)

I’ve Got To Keep Busy Lord SATB Toledo, OH 1988

I’ve Heard of a City SATB, alto solo Baton Rouge, LA 1994

I Wanna Be Ready Double chorus Toledo, OH 1990

I Woke Up Dis Mornin’ SATB Toledo, OH 1989

Jacob’s Ladder SATB Baton Rouge, LA 1992

Kum Ba Ya SATB Baton Rouge, LA 1992

Let Us Break Bread Together SATB Toledo, OH 1990

Little Boy SATB Baton Rouge, LA 1992

Live a Humble SATB, Sop. solo Ann Arbor, MI 1976

Lord, Don’t Move Dat SATB Toledo, OH Revised 1993


Lord, I Want to be a Christian SATB Toledo, OH Revised (2015) 1996

Ma Soul’s Been Anchored SATB Toledo, OH 1991

My Lord What A Morning SATB Ann Arbor, MI 1976

Nobody Knows De Trouble SATB, Sop. solo Ann Arbor, MI Revised 1991

Nobody Knows I Once Was SATB Toledo, OH 1991

O, A Little Talk With Jesus SATB Toledo, OH 1991

O Glory SATB, Alto solo Baton Rouge, LA 1992

O Shepherd Feed My Sheep SATB, Tenor solo Baton Rouge, LA 1992

Po Mo’ner Got A Home SATB Toledo, OH 1989

Ride Up in de Chariot SATB Baton Rouge, LA 2009

Rise, Shine, Give God the SATB Baton Rouge, LA 1994

the Glory

Sinner, Please Don’t Let SATB Baltimore, MD 1982

Dis Harvest Pass

Sometimes I feel Like a SATB, Sop. & Ten. Toledo, OH 1990

Motherless Child

Stan’ Still Jordan SATB, Bari. solo Toledo, OH 1991

Steal Away (first version) SATB Toledo, OH 1990

Steal Away (second version) SATB Baton Rouge, LA

Swing Low Sweet Chariot SATB, Sop. solo Baton Rouge, LA 2009

There is a Balm In Gilead SATB, Sop. solo Toledo, OH 1991

This Little Light of Mine SATB, quartet Baton Rouge, LA 1992

This Ol’ Hammer SATB Baltimore, MD 1982

(from  “Great Day in the Morning”)

Walk About Elders SATB Baltimore, MD 1982

Walk Together Children SATB, sop. solo Norfolk, VA 1976

We Shall Overcome SATB Baton Rouge, LA 1993

What Ya Gonna Do When SATB Baton Rouge, LA 1996

Your Lamp Burns Down

Witness SATB Baltimore, MD 1982

You’d Better Min’ SATB Toledo, OH 1991

You May Bury Me SATB Baton Rouge, LA 1991




Abide with Me Baton Rouge, LA 1992

Amazing Grace Baton Rouge, LA 1991

And I Know He Watches Me Baton Rouge, LA 1992

Holy Lord Baton Rouge, LA 1993

How Great Thou Art Baton Rouge, LA 1992

I Must Tell Jesus Toledo, OH 1987

I Surrender All Baton Rouge, LA 1993

Near the Cross Baton Rouge, LA 1993

On Solid Ground Baton Rouge, LA 2007

Precious Lord (First version) Frankfort, KY 1983

Precious Lord (Second version) Toledo, OH

On Solid Ground Baton Rouge, LA 2007

We’ve Come This Far By Faith Baton Rouge, LA 2012




Glory to God Baton Rouge, LA 1992

Lord Give Me Tomorrow Baton Rouge, LA 1992

The Lord’s Prayer Toledo, OH 1987

There’s A Story to Remember Baton Rouge, LA 1991




Peace I Leave With You Baton Rouge, LA 1992

Lord You Are Worthy Toledo, OH 1989

Thank you Lord Baton Rouge, LA 1994




Spirituals by Williams Dawson 1990

(Commissioned by David Carter and debuted by the Toledo Symphony Orchestra)

Wade in the Water by Margaret Bonds (Adapted for voice and piano)

Oh Freedom SATB, baritone solos) Published KJOS Music Company

I Believe I’ll Go Back Home (recorded by Kathleen Battle and Jessye Norman, Philips Records)

Magnolias and Honeysuckle (Vera Embry Dance Suite for SATB, Mezzo sop. and piano) University of Michigan

In Times Like These SATB, Sop. solo, piano, violin, and cello (gospel)

It is Well SATB, Bari. solo, piano (gospel)

One Voice (Barry Manilow) Arranged for SATB and piano

A Place in the Sun Arr. SATB and piano

Precious Lord (Thomas Dorsey) two solo voices and piano

There’s A Place for Us (from West Side Story) arr. SATB, low voice, flute, string bass and flute

People arr. for mezzo sop. and piano

Ain’t But the One (Duke Ellington) arr. for tenor and piano; 1999

Lord I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired Bari. Clarinet and piano; 2009

Commissioned by Richard Hobson




Great Day in the Morning Jessye Norman, soprano Philips Records


Spirituals Jessye Norman, soprano Philips Records


Spirituals in Concert Jessye Norman and Kathleen Battle   Deutsche Grammophon


The Passion of Christ in Spirituals Veronica Tyler, sop. BRC Recording

( Library of Congress)


Let It Shine Laura English-Robinson, sop.   aca Digital Recording


Carolyn Sebron, mezzo sop. Marie-Claude Arbaretaz, piano Pro Musicis


Ain’t A Dat Good News (African American Art Songs and Spirituals)             Richard Heard Tenor 1998

The Black Art Song Kevin Maynor, Bass Fleur De Son Classics 2000


The New Spiritual (Publication with CD) Complied by Willis Patterson


American Masters Series VII – The Music of Charles Lloyd 2008

Hamilton-Fairfield Symphony Chorale

Paul John Stanbery – Music Director


Donnie Ray Albert  in Recital Donnie Ray Albert Cinnebar Records

(Performs “Ol’ Time Religion” by Charles Lloyd, Jr.)


Songs of America Oral Moses, Bass Albany Records

 (Performs “Amazing Grace” & “Ballad of the Black Mother”

Come Down Angels Oral Moses, Bass Albany Records 2014

Death Is Gwinter to Lay His Cold Icy Hands on Me C.Lloyd, Jr.

Do Don’t Touch-A My Garment C. Lloyd, Jr.




Art song Compensation “Anthology or Art Songs by Black American Composers

Compiled by Willis C. Patterson

Edward B. Marks/Hal Leonard Corp. 1977

Give Me Jesus, SATB, Sop. solo

O Freedom, SATB, Baritone solo KJOS Music Publishing


“The Spiritual Art Song Collection” Warner Brothers Music/ Alfred Music 2000




The Contribution of Twentieth Century African American Composers t the Solo Trumpet Repertoire: A Discussion and Analysis of Selected works by: Ulysses S. Kay, Adolphus C. Hailstork, Regina Harris Baiocchi, and Charles Lloyd, Jr.


          Orrin M. Wilson

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, orrinwilson


The Vocal Works of Charles Lloyd, Jr.: A Performer’s Guide to Selected Dramatic Works, Art Songs, and Spiritual Art Songs


      Charis Kelly Hudson

            Louisiana State University 2011


      Interviewed for


“Music Down in My Soul”; Achieving a Sound Ideal for Moses Hogan Spirituals


          Loneka Wilkenson Battiste 

                  Louisiana State University 2014


Evaluating Appropriate Repertoire for Developing Singers An African American Art Song Anthology:  Art song “Compensation” By Charles Lloyd, Jr. reviewed and critiques.

Nicole Michelle Sonbert

      University of Kentucky 2018

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